Pre Register For an Event
This is a pre-registration form for events at Action Acres. Pre-Registration also means you must Pre Pay before the event.
This is not a waiver. It is not a substitute for a waiver.
You have a current waiver if you have filled one out since March 1. Waivers are valid until next March

If you do not have a current
waiver on file, go HERE and fill out the online form.

 First Name                

 Last Name

         choose "no" if you do not want to receive event reminders

    for airsoft, choose the month and year of the event from the drop down list. (Jan 2019)     

 Hamb Lunch
    Lunch is included in Airsoft preregistration fee of 26.00 and 42.00 2 day

 Other Meals   to select both items, hold down the shift key

 Gun rental prices
 Airsoft gun no bb's at an event 20.00 
 Airsoft gun with bb's at an event 25.00

 Airsoft Rental Pkg